Friday, 28 January 2011

Y3 - 120/365: Light Load

Location, location,'s all about location!

And speaking of which...I was in Reception today. Reception is wonderful because it often means you have a TA, you don't have much if any marking, and most children can be won over by the promise of a storybook.

Today's selection: The Cat in the Hat.

Since Matt stayed home with our little prince, it meant I had a ride home from the train station as well, in lieu of walking this time, which was fantastic. Once inside and changed into comfy clothes, Ryan couldn't get into my arms fast enough and what happened next nearly made me burst into tears...

Without even my asking or prompting, after releasing him from a long hug/cuddle, my little boy leaned toward me and gave me a kiss! Granted, he could have been trying to also eat my nose...but it ended up as a kiss!!

Totally made my absence from him today worth it!!

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Crazy Lady said...

That kiss must have melted your heart! The is one of the sweetest kisses you will ever get. Just wait until he tells you he loves you without prompting. That is a tear jerker! :)