Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Y3 - 117/365: Tuesday...The New Monday

I had another work assignment today -- can't complain for those. The main office initially thought I was to cover Reception, however, I was bouncing about again from class to class to cover for teachers doing their SEN reviews.

I remember one year group, a year 2 or 3 class who had an assignment to plan an invitation to Shrek and Fiona's wedding! What a brilliant idea for a lesson!! We had a lot of fun planning as some children tried to persuade guests to come with the promise of ice cream, bouncy castles and even a disco. The funniest bit was a group of boys were planning a romantic venue of a tent to hold the nuptuals. Thought out like true blokes, right?

By the time I got home, did a bit of washing up, and waited for my loves to arrive there was no secret that we were all pretty shattered. This is evident by Ryan's vacant stare when it came time to brush his teeth and get ready for bed.

Of course, he doesn't miss a beat on the nights that Daddy comes back up to read his story. He knows enough now that if Daddy appears in the doorway and sits down with a book, it's his cue to go sit on his lap -- and he will -- to listen and lift the flaps.

I love watching this relationship between the pair of them blossom more every day!

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