Thursday, 27 January 2011

Y3 - 119/365: Semi-Lazy Day

I think yesterday has taken it's toll because today Ryan has been a bit lethargic and even spiked a bit of a low-fever again by mid-day. He was playful early on when we worked with his puzzle. I can now say "spider" and he can identify the spider puzzle piece.

But you can see here that his face just looks exhausted and this is what prompted me to dose him with a bit of Calpol before lunchtime. Thankfully it broke before Matt returned home, so the trip to Marry Hill that was postponed last night was able to carry on.

I was on a mission because I desperately needed a new pair of jeans. New Look used to carry the brand 'House of Denim' and they had various styles and lengths and they all fit quite nice, but now they have a brand called 'Yes' and although they carry a 28" inseam -- which means I don't have to roll them -- they're super thin jeans and wear quickly. Plus, most of the styles they carry now are skinny jeans and in my opinion, those are just so many shades of wrong. Fat people were not meant to sport "skinny" jeans. It's an oxymoron, really.

We first stopped at Extreme Eyebrows. The really nice Middle-Eastern ladies who work there do a form of eyebrow maintenance called threading. It works the same as waxing in the sense that it shapes the brow, only it's done carefully with a thread that they hold in their mouth and use their hands to have it grip the hairs and remove them. I've been so apprehensive to have this done, but since I haven't had anything done since 2008 when I moved here, £6.50 was a steal to have it done.

I won't lie, it was a bit painful since my brows were nearly fully grown back in, but they assured me it wouldn't be as painful the next time. Still, totally worth it for the result as she did a fantastic job. I couldn't thank her enough!

From there it was straight to New Look. I was forced into buying 1 size larger than I really wear and a 30" inseam instead of 28"...but since I already know they won't last too long, I'm not bothered.

We completed out trip by popping in Asda and then returned home shortly after. Still out much later than we had hoped, but thankfully Matt is home with Ryan tomorrow while I have to catch the early train for another day's work.

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