Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Y3 - 118/365: Long Day for All

My poor little buddy didn't get much of a break today. After his morning nap, which was only just over an hour, we headed out to a local primary school for me to pick up an application pack for two teaching vacancies they had advertised. On the way back from the school we made a stop in the park for a little wander and a go on the swings.

Normally he would be ready for a second, smaller nap around 3pm, when we returned, but he wasn't having it today. He had his sandwiches, did his yawn and eye rub, so I took him up to his cot but he didn't want to know. He just kept his eyes open and grinned at me, so back downstairs we went.

By the time Matt returned home, Ryan had started to spike a low-grade fever but wasn't able to keep his little eyes open any more. While Matt and I discussed what to do for tea, I hear him snoring on my shoulder and discovered he had passed out even with us talking at full volume! I laid him on the sofa, propped with a pillow while Matt made a quick bowl of porridge so we could quickly feed him and take him straight up, bypassing his bath.

Matt returned with the bowl and tried to coax our little man to a conscious state long enough to eat...

...and imagine that -- it worked!!

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