Sunday, 2 January 2011

Y3 - 94/365: Oh, The Spoon!


You'll understand in a moment why it is so funny that the ONLY photo I managed to get today (as the camera is on borrowed time with rechargeable batteries) is this photo of Ryan -- helping to 'stir' Daddy's coffee (which was actually empty).

Let me start at the beginning...

If you're up on yesterday's blog then you know Ryan has had some potty issues the past 24 hours. Matt went upstairs just before 6pm tonight to collect Ryan from his long, late afternoon nap and soon realised we had a bit of a situation. I saw evidence of this simply by the way he was holding Ryan when he brought him downstairs with his legs resting on his forearm and bum sticking out at an odd angle. When he got closer I could see that it would be a "full-service" nappy change.

We had to keep him standing upright on the changing mat while we stripped off his clothes, tag-team style, and Matt wiped the "explosion" from his back, neck and shoulders. Once he was completely cleaned off and had on a fresh nappy and t-shirt, I went to sort the things from the washer into the dryer and Matt went upstairs to gather the linens from Ryan's cot.

Any parents knows too well, I can imagine, how things seem to happen when they're only gone for a minute or two...but we were seriously ONLY gone for a minute or two.

I hear Matt come back downstairs and enter the front room, and then the words, "Oh shit," so I make a bee-line for the living room. There sat Ryan, quietly, in the middle of the carpet holding the open tub of Sudocrem (a nappy/diaper creme) in one creamy, white-covered hand and a SPOON in the other creamy, white-covered hand with a big blob of Sudocrem on the end of the spoon and mess all over his mouth, shirt, and legs!! Oh...AND the carpet!

I thought when we left the room that the back of the seat of the sofa was far enough from his reach, but it seems our Ryan can stretch quite well...when he wants something.

Now some parents may have freaked out and rang poison control, but not us. I pass Matt the wipes as I took care of little man, getting the cream off his mouth and hands and checking to see how much he may have actually ingested. Judging by the few flecks on his teeth and inside his bottom lip I imagine he quickly realised it wasn't yogurt. Then I consulted "Dr. Google" to see if I should ring NHS Direct and soon saw that Sudocrem is actually on the low-toxicity list, so Matt and I agreed to just give him some water and keep an eye on him the next 24 hours.

I know this is only the beginning. Lord, help us. Perhaps the early photo was a foreshadowing?

I have to admit...I'm quite proud he used the spoon all on his own -- although I think our next goal is to get him to use it on his own on something actually EDIBLE.

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