Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Y3 - 104/365: It's Good to Be Home

He refused to let go of me or to be put down tonight when we got back home. This makes me so glad I'm off the next couple of weeks so I can catch up on snuggle time with my little man!! I'm pleased though that he had another great day at Nan & Grandad's and it's giving him some fantastic one-on-one time with them both!

I ended up with a blister on each foot from walking yesterday in my work shoes from the train station, so today I brought my trainers and changed into my other shoes when I got to the school. I also told Matt to just pick me up from the train station at home as it was light enough for me to also walk back to the train station to catch the train back to Rowley Regis. Before he was a bit concerned that with it starting to get darker after 4pm, that it wasn't the best area to be walking through...however, I assured him that as evidenced today by loads of school kids returning home and moms pushing prams, I was perfectly fine.

So 3 miles today to and from the train station, not to mention the amount of walking I did at the school and the amount of times I got lost and ran into the Head Teacher's assistant asking me if I was lost.


By the time I left the school for the day, I could feel a migraine coming on. I arrived at Small Heath Rail Station about a quarter-past four (wonderful timing due to no marking having to be done) and only had to wait about 15 minutes for the next train. My saviour of a husband arrived with soda and paracetamol in hand, bless him, and it was just in the nick of time because my eyes were beginning to tear up from the intensity of the headache. I wanted to pull my eyeballs and brain out it was so painful!

When we got home I took an exhausted Ryan upstairs where he laid in bed with an exhausted Mommy to nurse. I could hear Matt check in on us a couple of times and even though Ryan nodded off for a bit, Matt did eventually take him and settle him to sleep in his cot for a bit so I could get a bit more rest and rid myself of the migraine.

I appreciate I only worked two days this week...but speaking both as someone who hasn't worked in over a year and as a teacher who dealt with many badly-mannered kids (despite the many that were sensibly behaved)...two days is MORE than enough to warrant a near two-week break!

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Neda said...

Hi Meg - I found your post through "She's Not From Yorkshire." I'm an American too that just got transplanted in the UK, duration unknown but at least until August. I'm in Gloucestershire. Anyway it is nice to see your blog and read about your life! I'm a mom too, with 2 boys, ages 6 and 2, turning 30 in a few days!