Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Y3 - 111/365: Ready for a Break

I was back at school today -- the last day for the week -- which meant we'd have a late night in terms of having our tea and putting little man to bed. You can see here in Asda how he's absolutely shattered being away from home all day.

Thankfully Matt was able to pick me up from the train station this time and we headed straight out to the grocery store to stock up on items in the baby event. He was actually home with Ryan today as we had a plumber due to come to work on the pipes to the radiators as well as a man from Sure Start to install our free stair-gates and fire guard.

The safety equipment is on loan until Ryan turns three, but well-worth it in my opinion since it spares us the cost of these items that we likely wouldn't use once Ryan's older. Plus, if we have another baby before he turns three, then we keep the equipment until that baby turns three. They also do safety checks every 6 months, which is good, to ensure everything is still in working order.

Now to enjoy the next few days and weekend with my guys!

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