Sunday, 30 January 2011

Y3 - 122/365: That's The Plan

Not sure if he's just doodling or mapping an escape route over the new door barrier. Something tells me if it's the latter, he could be possibly be using Myst as his getaway horse. Either way, the boy is in deep thought.

We had planned to give Em & Daz's a miss today due to my cold and Ryan having just gotten over his. Plus, we also learned that poor Miss Amy (along with her Mommy & Daddy, I'd imagine) had a pretty rough night as well, so best to keep the kids apart in case one had something they could pass to the other. So, it was just Ryan and Mommy at home most of the day and early evening until Daddy returned home with our Sunday dinners to go...thanks, Em!!

I'll be so happy when I'm not surrounded by a mound of rough-on-the-nose, cheap, white tissues!

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