Thursday, 20 January 2011

Y3 - 112/365: Flying Solo

For the very first time, my 13-month-old little lad is using his very own spoon to feed himself porridge!

It took him quite a while to do and got very messy -- which meant I had to exercise extreme patience -- but it was so worth it to watch him discover his capabilities. He would stick the spoon in the bowl and knew he needed to do that to get the food on it, but then couldn't quite get the dip and remove technique down.

I even managed to get a video...

I tried not to make too big of a deal because ultimately I don't want him to associate eating with performing or doing it to please someone. But I can't help but feel so proud that he did it all on his own...well, that is until he got fed up and decided to ditch the spoon and use the five-pronged utensils attached to his arms to shovel it in.

Then he signed "milk" so I stripped down his porridge-covered clothing and nursed him until he drifted into a peaceful sleep -- tightly clutching Mr. Waddles.

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