Monday, 31 January 2011

Y3 - 123/365: His Loyal Subjects

We've finally taken one of Ryan's final Christmas gifts out of the box this past week -- his Happyland Castle from his Nan and Grandad. Up until now we've been hesitant as he has a knack for throwing and dropping things and we didn't want him to break it, but he's been pretty good with it since we first opened it late last week, so today we brought it downstairs for a bit so he could have a play.

His main interests are putting the characters on the towers...or in his mouth...

...but the way I see it, he at least has an honest interest in them and it's one toy that has managed to capture his attention for longer than 5-10 minutes.

He even started to stack them in a queue around his sippy cup!

And he's incorporating other, unrelated, toys into the role play experience...

"Come here Mister would you like to snack on this yummy Friar? I've taste-tested him myself!"


Smocha said...

that's downright gifted of a one year old to be putting them in the tower.He must be brilliant!
My sons LOVED those little people sets and played with them for years too.

Meg said...

To be fair, he watches Matt and me a lot when we play with his toys and loves to mimic what we do. Of course, that must mean he's a child prodigy! :-D