Friday, 14 January 2011

Y3 - 106/365: Jib Jab

No one would have guessed Ryan had his 12-month jabs today. Matt took half a day off work so he could come to the appointment. We did make the decision to delay the MMR jab until 15 months as babies carry the immunity from their mothers for measles and if the vaccine is given while they still have the natural immunity, the vaccine may not be effective. The nurse was fine with that and suggested I ring at the end of February to book it for March.

When it came time for Ryan's shot, Matt held him while I held one of his hands. He looked down to his leg when the nurse put the needle to it, but just like that, it was over and not a tear was shed! Plaster on...done and dusted. The nurse was well pleased how he didn't even whimper. He was literally smiling at her seconds later. She even asked to see him walking so he had to show off his little shuffle strut for her.

I'm feeling more confident about leaving Ryan for the day now when I get work. I was called this afternoon and booked in for three more days next week, so that only means one thing...and that is I can almost taste my new driving licence! Woo!
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