Thursday, 13 January 2011

Y3 - 105/365: The Cat in the Hat

Ryan has decided that the froggy top of his frog-stacker makes a good hat/helmet for Mystical kitty. Gosh this cat is patient! Meanwhile I'm sat over on the sofa trying to keep from wetting myself with laughter at the sight of what is happening.

Funny enough, later this afternoon when I checked the post, I discovered Ryan's final book from the club arrived and it was 'The Cat in the Hat.' It's a shame that it's paperback, so I think I may have to return it, along with 'Going on a Bear Hunt' which also turned out to be a paperback. I much prefer books to be hardback if they're not actual board books because they will take wear and tear better.

I'm so glad I had no place to be today because I've been knackered all day still. I think the past 48 hours has just taken its toll.

So, with that...I'm off to bed.


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