Thursday, 30 December 2010

Y3 - 91/365: It's For You...

He may only be twelve months old, but Ryan is pretty darn hilarious. He gets it from both me and his daddy. Lucky lad!

He received this phone from his cousin Amy's grandad, Mick, for Christmas. He has a similar Fisher Price one based off Toy Story, but as you can see the handset on this one is "portable." Over and over he will press some buttons on the phone, it makes a bit of noise, and then he brings the handset to one of us.

Naturally Matt and I play along and we answer the phone, "Hello?" and then find a way to make like the "phone call" is really for Ryan and then we hand it back to him. Ryan will accept the phone from us and promptly hang up on the "caller."

He repeats this over and over.

And over.

Matt's responses are quite relevant and have gradually gotten funnier and tonight he had me nearly rolling on the floor in laughter because he doesn't miss a beat! I'll give you just a few examples (that all happened right after the other)...

Caller #1
Matt: Hello? Yes, just a moment.
         ::holds phone out to Ryan::
         It's for you.

Caller #2
Matt: Hello? Oh, the cute blond kid? Yeah...
         ::holds phone out to Ryan::

Caller #3
Matt: Hello? Oh right, I see...
         ::holds phone out to Ryan::
         Apparently you've won a cute baby competition. They want you to collect your prize.

Caller #4
Matt: Hello? No, sorry...we haven't ordered 40 pizzas.
         Oh? Just the crusts? Just a moment.
         ::holds phone out to Ryan::
         Your pizzas are here.

Caller #5
Matt: Hello?
         ::looks at Ryan dancing to 'I'm a Little Teapot'::
         Oh, you're after the dancing baby?
         ::holds phone out to dancing Ryan::

Caller #6
Matt: Hello?
         ::Ryan trips and stumbles backward into box landing in
          a sitting position on his keyboard::
         You need a stuntman?
         ::holds phone out to Ryan::

Caller #7
Matt: Hello? Oh, right...I see. Just a moment.
         ::holds phone out to Ryan::
         Your MOT's up on your quad bike.

Anyway, I think you get the point.

The best bit of all is that every time we answer the phone 'hello' Ryan smiles from ear to ear and is tickled that you give him back the phone. For someone who can't even talk, much less answer the phone...he sure gets a lot of calls!

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