Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Y3 - 62/365: Footie, Anyone?

We all joke that Ryan may very well be a footballer someday, judging from the way he kicks his toys around. I'm sure whatever he will be will be wonderful...but this shot does make you wonder, does it not? He has some exceptional skill for an 11-month-old. It's actually a cute exchange/game between him and Daddy when he returns home from work. Before he goes up to get changed I sometimes give the boys a bit of one-on-one time, which in-turn gives me a breather from my tiny-tot companion all day.

I must say...I will be SO overjoyed when this stage of unsteadiness in his new-found walking skills fades. I can't count the amount of times he tumbles in a day -- and just over his own two feet most of the time. In fact, shortly after this photo was taken he was walking over to his toys and before I can get to him he steps on his own foot and steps on one of his sensory bottles (that was upright against the wall). He then loses his balance and tries to grip the wall on the way down as his head meets the bottom portion of the door.

The cries started immediately...

I thought he may have missed it at first but soon saw he actually grazed his forehead on the recessed bit of the door that scoops inward. Matt came running down the stairs and when I told him we just needed to get a cold cloth on his head, he returned from the freezer with a bagged chunk of pork chop. I knew Ryan wouldn't allow me to keep this on his head, whether or not it was wrapped in a flannel didn't we wet a burp cloth instead while I nursed him to calm him down.

Luckily the swelling was minimal and went down quickly. Still, it didn't take away that I'm-a-bad-Mommy feeling that one gets knowing nothing could have been prevented, but you hurt for the pain your little one felt.

Our poor little buddy. He seems okay now and is a little clingy, which is fair enough considering what happened. It probably looks more painful than it is, especially when he was in the bath, but hopefully we got to it in time with the cold compress and the redness and mark won't last for long.

Door: 1
Ryan: 0

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