Monday, 27 December 2010

Y3 - 88/365: Mad Professor?

It's always a hoot collecting Ryan from his late afternoon nap as he often has a tuft of hair on his head that's all wonky...similar to his Daddy in the morning. We affectionately refer to it as "pigeon hair." When Matt brought him downstairs I made a comment that he looked like a mad professor...then he makes this face whilst pushing his Leapfrog table across the floor and it only solidifies my observation.

Guess I should keep my eye out for bubbling, green test tubes, dry ice smoke and Frankenstein?

I'm loving that he is getting lots of time for each of his new toys. Matt and I think we should probably re-locate some of the older things upstairs to his bedroom so he won't be so overwhelmed...and so he can crawl INSIDE his Peeka Pod again.

One of his new gifts was a football (or soccer ball for my fellow Americans...but I'm sure you could gather that much from the photo). He loves kicking stuff around the floor and we joke that he's going to be a footballer...but who knows. He has some coordination for a 12-month old, that's for sure!

He's also getting a kick out of the toys that talk to him. This is his pull along shape sorter. When the voice reminds him to "put (his) seat belt on" he giggles up a storm.

Rock on, VTech!

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