Saturday, 25 December 2010

Y3 - 86/365: Happiest Christmas!

Until I had a child of my own, I thought I had some pretty great Christmases, but that all changed the moment Ryan tore off his first piece of Winnie the Pooh wrapping paper.

And then handed it to me.

I was fully prepared for him to not be very interested as he is only just 12-months, but on several presents as soon as he realised there were buttons he could poke and make sounds with, he was totally committed to and bonded with that toy. In a way, as silly as it sounds, although he couldn't verbalise a 'thank you' to us, the joy in his eyes was enough to know he was truly happy and excited about his pressies.

And of course he let Daddy have a bit of a sneaky play as well! The Leapfrog Musical Table was the last gift he opened at home and despite feeling a bit down that we couldn't afford to get him much this year, it turned out to be just the right amount for his patience.

We managed to get him down for an hour-long nap before heading off the Brierley Hill to visit the in-laws. He decided here that Elmo would be his traveling companion for the day.

Presents were opened at Nan and Grandad's before we ate. Amy looked so pretty in her green Christmas dress!

Christmas dinner is ALWAYS the best!! I had probably 3 glasses of this nice Lambrini as it was quite tasty. I would have had more, but for some reason since having Ryan I can't justify drinking much more or very often. I guess because I always want to be alert in the event of any unexpected emergencies. Fair enough if he wasn't in Matt's and my care, but seeing as how he was with us all day, I reached my personal limit.

I guess having kids really changes your perspective on priorities. My little guy is totally worth it though!

Ryan really enjoyed this chocolate chip cookie after eating his dinner...but he wouldn't share. Boo!

And of course, no get-together is complete without a munch from Auntie Emma!

A HUGE Thank You to Josie, David, Em & Daz for your company today as well as your generosity in making this a Christmas to remember!! We hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas today with their family and friends as well!

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Smocha said...

Dinner looks so british :)

Glad you all had a wonderful christmas:)