Saturday, 11 December 2010

Y3 - 72/365: Try Before You Buy

Today was a really busy day for all of us, but for Ryan especially because he didn't get a proper nap ALL DAY and he was full of a rattly cough all day that seemed to spring from nowhere just before bed last night.

We started our errands at Merry Hill, or rather INTENDED to start them there...however, due to the "excellent" parking enforcement by UKPC as well as the extremely accurate parking counter on the multi-storey car park (where 311 spaces available means NONE), we gave up after over half an hour of looking for a space and headed to the Brierley Hill Asda for a bit of shopping for the week.

Since we had to pay and display anyway, we popped down to Brierley Hill Market briefly to try and see if they had a fabric stall so I could get some felt to make some stockings, but no luck. Matt couldn't break free without a £1 bag of pork scratchings before walking back up to the Asda.

I've mentioned before the convenience of shopping for Christmas/Birthdays with a young child as they won't remember they saw the toy you intended to buy, but also because you can see before you buy it if it's something they might be interested in. The Dino in the photo just MAY be a winner.

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