Thursday, 23 December 2010

Y3 - 84/365: STOP...Hammertime!

Not one, but TWO wooden hammers came with Ryan's activity cube, a birthday gift from his Auntie Emma, Uncle Daz and cousin Amy. For those who have not been briefed about the dangers of a toddler with weaponry, which is essentially what these hammers are, then I caution you to wear protective gear in the presence of said armed child.

Hammers hurt.

But my boy couldn't be happier. You wouldn't know he's gotten any other gifts with the amount of time he spends pacing the floor with his wooden armaments. Is it any surprise that Myst walks past him tentatively? You try explaining to an over-excited 12-month old, with the extensive vocabulary of 'dada' and 'cat,' to stroke the kitty GENTLY whilst they have their mitts on a hammer.

In the latter part of the afternoon, before Matt returned home early from work, we worked on some drawing. Our session didn't last very long as I had to help him hold the correct end of the felt-tip towards the paper and babies don't have too much patience when being corrected. Still, he really seemed to enjoy making his spots and lines again with several colours.

I wonder who will receive this little gem in the post?

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