Sunday, 19 December 2010

Y3 - 80/365: E Pluribus Unum (One From Many)

Well...he made it! I can't believe our little boy is growing up right before our eyes and is officially


He made his first proper scribble this afternoon. I had out the drawing pad to make a 12-month-old sign to take photos of him and he saw me colouring in with the markers. As a result, he came up and swiped the blue and purple. I managed to get the caps off and show him how they can make marks on the paper, but initially he wasn't interested. After a few attempts to make marks with the wrong side of the marker he figured it out and away he went!!

This is one for the baby book..."first scribble." So proud!!

Then we had our monthly photo-shoot. I skipped 11 months because things were so hectic and busy that it slipped my mind until it was nearly his first birthday and I didn't see the point. This time I wanted some of the wintry background in the photo to show how snowy it was outside.

We decided later to brave the un-plowed and roads lacking any grit to visit Emma, Daz and Amy for our usual Sunday dinner. But this time we forfeited the yogurt at the end of the meal for BIRTHDAY CAKE!

Ryan's smash cake experience went a little like this...

::poke poke::

Sticky icing...hmm.

(Mommy enticed him a little at this point by giving him a taste of the icing from her finger.)

Oh, I see...I can eat it?! Well okay then, why didn't you say so?!

It's SO on like Donkey Kong!! Come here, teddy...into my belly!

This is good stuff, should try some!

Look out, Mr. Bear...I have but one claw pokey finger...BEWARE!!

And yes Auntie Emma...I will take a birthday kiss!! Thank you very much!

 I am so in awe that this tiny little being has gone from this... this!

Thank you to everyone who has sent cards, called and left Facebook messages with Happy Birthday wishes for Ryan. And a very Happy Birthday to our darling baby boy...may you have many more to come!! Love from your Mommy & Daddy xxx


Natalie said...

Happy Birthday Ryan!! Congratulations on your beautiful boy, Meg! :) And the cake turned out SO cute!!!

Sharonmanc said...

once he starts with the scribbles he wont stop lol

Lilli ahas now perfected the art onthe dining room wall, living room wall, my Pj's actually everywhere lol. Think i am going to have to touch up the walls with a little paint before we get visitors over xmas