Monday, 13 December 2010

Y3 - 74/365: Cheeky Chappy

This expression really says it all! Just before bed tonight, Daddy carried Ryan into our room where I always nurse him before returning him to his cot to sleep in his own room. Lately he has had a fascination with his pokey finger and light switches, so naturally, Daddy stopped to humour him briefly before his night cap. I managed to get a few photos and couldn't help but giggle at this one.

You would never guess that the poor mite has been miserable since late last night with a runny nose and sore throat/rattly cough...that is, if you were judging by the cheeky grin in this photo.

I took him to the GP this afternoon as Matt wanted to rule out a chest infection. We got called into 'Room A' and I hear a familiar accent say to me, "You're not from around here, are ya?" At first I thought he was taking the piss and faking an American accent to point out that he knew I wasn't British, until I told him I was from Columbus, Ohio and he chimed in that his wife was from Canton.

Small GP today was actually American!

After having a poke and prod of Ryan's ears and neck and a little listen to his breathing he determined it was just viral crud and we'd have to simply wait it out. He suggested the usual steamy bathroom to loosen things up and to keep him upright, but surprised me when he said that propping him to sleep really wouldn't do much good and may make him more uncomfortable in the long run and therefore less likely to sleep.

So, for now we continue on with his nasty smelling Blackcurrant flavoured Meltus (cough syrup) and lots of cuddles until he's feeling better. I just hope it all clears up in time for Saturday -- it's going to be a long and busy day!

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breedwoman said...

does that cough medicine really help? We don't have anything that a baby under 2-4 can take here... is it worth the out of country order?