Friday, 24 December 2010

Y3 - 85/365: The Eve

Only someone mad would do any Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve, right?

Well, we're mad then because we braved the crowds at Toys R Us to get something for our niece and then we did a small shop at the Asda Walmart Supercentre. The crowds weren't actually too bad except for the tills at Asda...but that can go for any time of the year there. The only thing that really frustrated me was the knob behind the counter who, after supplying me with only two bags to bag our groceries seemed to ignore 6 requests between Matt and I for more bags. We had to get them from the cashier at the till next to us.

We returned home and lounged around for a bit. We could tell Ryan was ready for a nap as evidenced in the photo (above). So we took him up for a bit of kip before Matt got a casserole on for a couple hours and I took a shower to get ready for mass at 9 o'clock.

We arrived at Our Lady of Lourdes just before the opening procession and promptly took seats in the back for a quick exit should Ryan get fussy. He managed okay until it was time to sit down and he really didn't like that and started to kick off, so Matt took him out into the vestibule. After Father Pham was finished with the Homily I joined Matt with a wiggly Ryan and got him settled in the Moby wrap hoping that he would nod off if he was sleepy. However, he was way too nosy and stayed awake through the rest of the mass, giving cheeky smiles to anyone who looked his way -- thankfully in a much better mood since he was essentially swaddled against Mommy.

After Communion, Father handed out chocolate Santas to all the children and even brought one by for Ryan. I noticed Matt's eyes even light up at that...probably because he was envisioning it going into his own belly.

We got home around 10pm and Ryan went straight into jammies and up to bed. I can't wait for tomorrow!!!

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