Monday, 6 December 2010

Y3 - 67/365: A Foggy Day in Rowley Town

Pea soup would be an accurate way to describe the thickness of the fog today...and I'm not just talking a little morning fog, I mean ALL-DAY-can't-see-your-neighbour's-roof fog! Once the sun was up it didn't even matter because it only seemed like a light was on behind a thick, white curtain.

Speaking of curtains...

I went to retrieve dear son from his afternoon nap and noticed it was exceptionally lighter in his room than normal. Then, I discover it's because he has managed to de-rail the entire right-side curtain panel as the evidence was crumpled under his feet whilst he stood in his cot waiting for me to free him. I laughed so hard and then immediately ran downstairs to take a photo to send to Matt, who couldn't believe it either.

I suppose there could be worse things to walk in to. For instance, when my brother and sister (twins) were babies, their cribs were end to end in my parents' room. One morning they must have discovered how to remove their nappies because my mom walked in to find them both butt naked with the "contents" of their nappies spread artistically on the textured walls, throughout their cribs, and ON one another! I don't think I need to go into any more detail than that, but suffice it to say my mom moved their cribs away from one another to discourage any future conspiracies.

I may have to reconsider the location now of Ryan's cot to prevent him from doing this again and possibly trying to eat one of the plastic railing hooks.

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