Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Y3 - 89/365: Come Dine With Me...Or Maybe Not?

First of all, I'd like to point out, especially to any new parents/parents-to-be: He is fascinated with a set of stacking cups from Asda...probably less than £3 when he has loads of toys from his birthday and Christmas in the background! How can that be?!

I guess to be fair, I just happened to catch him with these at that precise moment...but so far he has played with everything. Maybe only for a minute or two before moving on to the next, but he does play with everything he's received.

The unexpected photo for the blog tonight was completely random. Sure, it's another pic of Ryan eating...we all know he can do it...but the incident that had just occurred before this photo was snapped was priceless and had Matt and me in absolute stitches!

Matt prepared some ham omelets for the three of us tonight. I cut Ryan's portion into strips and placed a few at a time onto his tray. Matt and I finished ours and surprisingly Ryan was still going to town so we just sat back and watched him. At one point we see the familiar "dropping of the food" onto the plastic mat below, which usually means he's finished. He cleared every last tiny piece of egg and ham from his tray and it lay in an eggy-heap beside him on his mat. Before I could grab the pack of wipes to start clearing up, in one swoop of his massive "Little Brock (Lesnar)" fist, he grabbed the pile of omelet he had once abandoned, lifted it up, and tried to mash the entire contents back into his gob!

I guess you had to be there...but...

Funniest. Thing. Ever.

Without missing a beat upon finishing his omelet, he guzzled his sippy of cold cow's milk like someone was going to steal it from him!

I've been replacing 1-2 nursing feeds with cow's milk during the day to slowly transition him and we've been leaving breastfeeding for first thing on a morning and just before he goes to bed at night, as he's not as interested during the daytime as much anymore. Up until the last two days I've struggled to get him to drink more than a couple ounces, since breast milk is easily/quickly digested, and here he had to have his sippy refilled with 3-4 ounces at least twice!

Looks like he prefers it cold then.

Later. he had his bath just after tea, Matt and I took turns reading stories (which he didn't find appealing tonight for whatever reason) and I took him in our room to nurse him down. Since he's been fighting going down the past week, I've called for Matt to step in and twice now when Matt has put him down, he's been out for the count without a single night-waking! I wanted to try something else a little different so tonight I didn't turn his Scout bedtime music on to lull him to sleep while nursing and he was asleep in 15 minutes.

Not sure if he will sleep straight past 5-6am, but the absence of Captain Stubborn-Sleepy-Britches was NOT missed tonight!

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