Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Y3 - 82/365: All Aboard!!!

This is the trip we would have taken this past Saturday, but the snow came down in buckets and we had to cancel our visit to Santa. So when Matt left work, he stopped by the post office to get a parcel (that was waiting for Ryan's birthday and Christmas from Aunt Lisa in America), and returned home long enough to get changed while Ryan checked out his new pressies, and then we were off to Merry Hill...or Merry HELL as it is affectionately called round this time of year.

We arrived outside the train setup to check in and then joined the short queue just outside the entrance...which is where I snapped the first photo. Ryan was enjoying his view of the snowman just behind where he and Daddy were standing.

Once inside we were instructed to sit in a train-style booth to wait our turn where a big flat screen played a small intro of animated scenery for our "train ride" to meet Santa. Ryan's hair was a messy combo of frizz and waves making me wish I had brought along his brush to tidy it up after removing his knit hat.

At the next stage we moved on to another car that housed a giant teddy and two large Christmas tree baubles that had touchscreen games on them. After this we were ushered to the space between the cars where we waited behind a curtain to meet the big man himself. I didn't take a photo with my camera for this bit because they weren't allowed beyond this point, however we did end up with a very clear photo...that we intend to scan and print off copies for people.

Once past the curtain, Santa welcomed Ryan by exclaiming, "Aren't you a little boster?!" This wasn't the first time this was said to him, so already he was cool with Santa from the start. We sat him down on Santa's lap and the photo was taken without a single tear. We think he was actually just in a state of mild shock by the look we saw once we got the photo.

The visit didn't last long as we were handed Ryan's wrapped gift and said our goodbyes and thank-yous to Santa and the elf/helper.

After exiting we got Ryan settled in his pushchair with his new kiss-blowing Elmo by his side and set off for the photo kiosk to pick up the picture for our £8.95 visit. The photo I have posted with Santa is a photo of a photo, so not as clear as the original. We were quite pleased with the clarity.

Naturally, this is where Mommy requested a stop for a photo before departing.

So there we go...first visit to Santa, done and dusted and nary a whinge. WIN!!!

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Natalie said...

The look on his face with Santa is so priceless! :) That's definitely a keeper for every Christmas (especially when girlfriends start to hang around!). What a cutie pie! Aaand for us silly Americans...what's a boster?