Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Y3 - 76/365: Look Mom...No Hands!

Well, no hands being used to physically pick up the jacket potato chunks, cheese & beans and put it all into his mouth anyway. We've been also trying to introduce to him the concept of  using the spoon to pick up food and get it to his mouth. Up until this point, we've almost strictly followed BLW guidelines that he has full control over what does and doesn't go into his mouth and when a spoon has been involved, we simply have just pre-loaded it and handed it over for him to do the rest (unless we were pressed for time). He now gets that the spoon goes into his food, but still needs to work on scooping up food and getting it to his mouth all on his own.

It all takes time, but we know he will get it. He certainly has no issues with food as he tends to like it all so far. Broccoli and cauliflower are still more interesting to squash than to eat, but it's nice to not have to pressure him to eat them or worry whether or not he is eating enough.

His Waybuloo Peeka Pod play-tent arrived today along with his birthday dungarees outfit, a whole day earlier than the website confirmed. Other than the cake, balloons, and party nibbles, almost everything is in order for his birthday party on Saturday. I just hope the weather holds out so the few people who are invited can attend.

Here's a peek at his party invitation (important information censored, of course). We're planning a 'Teddy Bears Picnic' and the little ones (all two of them) are encouraged to bring their own teddy).

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Brianna said...

That is ADORABLE. Seriously the cutest invite ever. I did lame e-vites for the whole 6 people invited to G's party.