Monday, 29 November 2010

Y3 - 60/365: Camera One, Camera Two...

Camera One

Camera Two

Although I love, love, LOVE my Samsung Galaxy S...that love does not include the camera feature. The photos look nice and bright on my back lit screen...and then I upload them to the PC and no amount of Photo-shopping can improve them like it can from my Kodak.

We put up the tree last night after much persuasion on my behalf. I had to educate my dear husband on the way of my people and our need to kick off the Christmas season nearly immediately after leftovers on Thanksgiving. He agreed we could put it up, but still didn't understand why so soon.

After we got it out of the box and plugged it in we noticed nearly all the bottom half had really dim or non-functioning LED snowflakes and this did not impress either of us. We had packed the tree up carefully the last time so there was no reason why they shouldn't be working properly. Now we're stuck over whether to just string some regular lights through and try removing the snowflakes or get another tree -- and we really cannot afford that option.

Ryan was the foreman as we assembled everything and he got to have a peek before bed, as well as another inspection first thing this morning. I'm quite proud that he is handling this intruder well. It takes up half his play area in the bay window! He has stroked the branches a few times today and tried having a conversation with one of the fact, he even started calling the tree, "Dada!"

I suppose I can see the resemblance.

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