Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Y3 - 47/365: This Little Baby

I will be so happy when I can afford stupid lithium batteries again so I can use my actual camera to snap photos. Several times today I tried to capture a shot of Ryan dancing (it's his latest thing) but all I get is a blob of baby blur.

Here he has recently discovered that if he blows into this block he can make a whistling sound. The block is part of a shape sorter and they have a tiny hole just in the top. When he inhales and exhales he makes a whistle and he does it over and over and over...and over..........and over...

There are actually a few new things he is starting to do now...as I said first, he dances. When Boogie Beebies comes on or Chuggington...or Get Squiggling...he gets a'shakin and bobs his little baby bum up and down. It's honestly the cutest thing I have ever seen! The poor boy has NO rhythm whatsoever, but he's making such an effort and it makes him so happy.

The second thing he started is he will (sometimes) go get an item by request. For example, if I point at something he will go to it, most of the time. Well today we started working on the sign for book and I asked him to get a book. Then I realised it was too general, so I said, "Ryan, go get Monkey and Me for Mommy." Sure enough, he walked over to where the books are and looked for the Monkey and Me book. Granted, he didn't bring it back, but he still opened it and touched it...so he knew what I was on about.

Clever boy!

The third thing he's doing, and I think he may have picked up on this from his cousin, Amy...but he has started to give himself a kiss in the mirror. There is a book they now both have called 'This Little Baby.' It talks about all the different things babies do, and in the back there is a mirror and it says 'This little baby is the one I love BEST!' So, Dr. Smooth-Ryan leans in to snog himself when you get to this page. In fact, once he realised he got a reaction out of me he thought it best to kiss ALL the babies in the book!

Such a charmer he is!

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