Monday, 22 November 2010

Y3 - 53/365: Bogey-Nose

Just what you were hoping to see, right? All the bats in Ryan's caves?'re welcome. I do what I can.

I went to bed last night with a nasty headache and low-grade fever despite having two doses of paracetamol within 5 hours of one another. I felt awful still when I woke up and immediately rang the doctor's surgery at half-eight to get an appointment. I decided that although I usually attribute Ryan's ear-tugging to teething, it would be best to have the pair of us looked over as my ears had a burning sensation inside and I wanted to rule out any infection.

As luck would have it, within an hour of the appointment I began to feel better and by the time we both went, my fever had gone completely. Go figure. So it wasn't a big surprise to get the sound medical advice to take paracetamol for pain and fever and drink plenty of fluids.

I must admit, although I had another low-grade temperature earlier this evening again, it has since gone over the past few hours and now as I type this (just before midnight) I feel much better compared to last night.

Even so, I'm not taking any I'm off to bed.

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