Thursday, 4 November 2010

Y3 - 35/365: Tell Me a Story

Believe it or not, every now and then Ryan wanders off (across the room) on his own and things suddenly get quiet. My ears naturally perk up and I will turn to see what he's into. Is he pulling clean laundry out of the basket? Did he find a 3-day-old rogue Cheerio? Or worse...did he find one of Myst's "kittens" (i.e. loose kitty fur)?

Today he was quiet simply because he found a book. I looked up and he was quietly looking at 'Once Upon an Ocean.'

Another favourite that he loves to have read to him is one called 'Monkey and Me.' It's very repetitive (good for pre-readers/early readers) and goes through a series of animals that a little girl and her sock monkey go to kangaroos, elephants, and...yep, monkeys! I love reading to him because the older he gets I can really tell he enjoys it (not every baby does). He looks at the pictures, watches my mouth move as I read, and he tries to grab the words on the page as I point to them and feel the pictures themselves to see if it's a touchy-feely book.

Matt and I both really enjoy reading ourselves, so we really hope this is something Ryan will love growing up as well.

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