Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Y3 - 54/365: The Budding Artist

Yesterday during our stop at the Asda Walmart Supercentre, we happened upon some artsy crafty supplies. If by 'happened upon' I mean that I directed Matt which aisle by which to find said artsy crafty supplies.

I was looking for finger paints and Matt first noticed some £1 tubs of Crayola Beginnings Dough, with a '12M+' on the label, meaning 'pretty much okay for Ryan.' Without me even having to ask, he reached up and grabbed a green tub and dropped it in the trolley. We then found the finger paint just one shelf down and helped ourselves to one set of those as well.

This morning I thought I would start Ryan's artsy crafty day with a little exploration of the dough. He poked it a few times (poking being his newest skill) before scraping up a small portion and trying to lift it into his mouth. Of course I intercepted this transaction and we carried on another five minutes repeating the same process.

Mommy places dough in front of Ryan.

Ryan pokes dough whilst looking at it inquisitively.

Ryan scrapes dough and quickly tries to eat it.

Mommy intercepts...Ryan cries.

My next thought was that after his mid-day nap, I would give him his dinner of jam sandwiches so that he wouldn't be hungry just before trying out his new finger paints.

It started out pretty well. I put down a large bed sheet in the area by the bay window and stripped Ryan down to his nappy.

I started off with a few squirts of blue and he jumped right in! Stuck out his little, pokey finger and touched the paint!!


Then I gave him a bit of red. He was loving it. In fact, maybe too much because before I could stop him...into his gob went his little pokey finger. He looked at me with this disgusted look and made a spitty-gaggy noise.

Ladies and gentlemen, for the FIRST time in HISTORY, Ryan DISLIKED something that went into his mouth!!

He carried on creating his art...slapping the paint on the paper, on his body...

...and on the wall (it's washable - it came right off). He even stood up and stepped in it with his feet! I really think he had a blast!

Behold...the finished masterpiece!

He may not be a Michelangelo or a Pablo Picasso (yet), but I can see myself seeing an equal calibre of beauty to any famous artist in anything he wishes to create, however big or small. I feel so lucky to be his mommy!

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