Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Y3 - 40/365: These Shoes Were Made for Walkin'

Here sits my little champ in his brand new, size 3G cruiser shoes he got tonight from Clarks!

Initially when I was looking at the selection online, I wanted to get him these, with the buckle...

But they didn't have them in his size (BOO!) so we ended up walking out with these instead...

There was a similar version in an olive green/khaki, but Matt said I'm obsessed with green, so we went with his pick. This style was my runner-up though if we couldn't have the tan dino ones.

I must admit that as excited as I was to get Ryan his first proper pair of shoes, the whole thing felt a little anti-climactic considering how few customers they had in the store. A little enthusiasm for dear son and his new shoes would have been nice.

We walked into the store and weren't greeted by anyone until they saw us looking through the selection of cruisers on display. Because I had done my homework, I was expecting to show them how Ryan walks (by having him cooperatively demonstrate) -- the sales-kid was satisfied just asking how he walked. We must have thrown him off when we said flat out that we just wanted cruisers as he hadn't been walking long and wasn't steady enough for the walkers yet. It's as if we jumped 4 pages in his sales-pitch and he didn't know how to respond! Also, he didn't really interact with Ryan, and I'm sorry, but to me when you work in a position where you are dealing with young children all day long...HUMOUR HIM, okay? Crack a smile...interact...SOMETHING!!

The kid went back to get the shoes after sizing Ryan's little Barney Rubbles and returned with everything BUT the original one we asked for (with the dinosaur on it). In fact, he even had a crawling shoe with him which we had to point out...but I don't think he got it.

He tried to get the shoes on Ryan but as he often does, he curled up his toes and it took Daddy having to pry them straight again and get the shoes on. We put him down and it took him a minute to get used to the sensation, but then he was off! He wanted to check out the whole store!

The kid asked if this was our first time getting Ryan shoes there (apparently he didn't listen when we told him this upon our arrival), then he mumbled something about a photo of Ryan and height chart (which he referred to as 'thing that measures how many centimeters he is').

After Matt paid I couldn't wait to get out of there! I may be a bit dramatic for saying this, but I'm honestly tempted to write in a letter about the lackluster service we received. And I don't think this was typical Clarks' service...I think it was the sales-kid, who reeked of B.O., by the way...EW!

Anyway...here's our loot!

And here's Ryan...

...busy NOT being tired and instead wanting to play Daddy's new Call of Duty  - Black Ops game he got off Em & Daz as an early Christmas gift. Meanwhile, Mommy was joining a Call of Duty widows' support group Facebook...tee hee hee!


Bekah said...

1. The shoes are adorable!

2. Sorry the service was crappy! Thats so frustrating...saleskids just dont get how excited parents are for new things!

3. I will probably see you in that support group!

Meg said...

Seriously...it's not like I expected balloons and fanfare...but SOMEthing.