Monday, 8 November 2010

Y3 - 39/365: So Many Books!

We fully intended on checking out the "Under 5s" Story Time at the local library today, but just as I was about to get Ryan's jacket on he promptly decorated down the front of his shirt and that included my left arm.


So we "missed" story time, however, as we soon discovered upon entering only 10 minutes after the start time, it didn't really look like much as no one else had turned up either. This only further drives home how anxious I am for the new library to be finished and opened in Blackheath Town Centre. Sure it won't be just down the road anymore, but it's not too much further and a new library certainly must be incentive enough for more people to visit.

I hope.

Ryan carefully perused the selection of board books but there didn't seem to be any touchy-feely ones that he likes. (The photo was taken with my Samsung Galaxy S because my 14 megapixel Kodak drained the life out of the last lithium battery.) So, we came home with What Do Kangaroos Do?, What Do Penguins Do?, Peekaboo Baby and Dot and Dash Go To Bed (again -- they didn't go to bed 'again'...we've just had it before). They may not have the tactile bits, but they had shiny bits that grabbed his attention.

Still, it's funny to watch him when I read because he doesn't understand it's not touchy-feely so he pets every page just in case!

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