Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Y3 - 41/365: A Whole New World!

As if by magic the park has transformed into a new and fantastical place all because Ryan can navigate solo! It was so much fun to watch him practically run from the roundabout to the swings and then over to the slide -- which, I might add, he even went down a couple of times with my help! Wheeeeee!

I'm so happy the weather cooperated and we had a good run-around outdoors. It was still quite nippy, which is why we broke out the fluffy hat and mitts (not pictured as I had to remove them so he could grab onto things). A couple times he even whinged in protest when I picked him up, but by the time 4 o'clock rolled around I had no choice because we had to get back to the house to get the chicken on for tea.

I nursed him right after I got the chicken into the oven and since I knew he would only stay asleep ON me (due to his extra-clinginess today) I sorted him out in the Moby wrap and got on with peeling and chopping the veg.

After we ate we let Ryan have a run around the room before his bath and a captured a photo of a really cute thing he has been doing lately.

Matt placed a pillow on the floor to cover up a metal bar at the bottom of the gliding footstool and every time I would coo "Awwwwe," Ryan would drop to the floor and lie his head on the pillow. He probably did it about 10-15 times while Matt and I watched and cackled -- it was so sweet and so funny!

Bath-time came and went and a final feed just past nine sent him off to sleepy-land where he is currently up in his cot dreaming away. Hopefully the good dose of fresh air today will help tonight.

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