Thursday, 18 November 2010

Y3 - 49/365: Pee-po! Found You!

Looks like he isn't going to let a temperature, snotty nose and a night's broken sleep keep him from being his same cheeky self. Here he is cleverly emerging from down the side of the sofa where he has managed access to the radiator -- that is off at the moment, thankfully. We need to find something to put in that corner that our little "Baby Hulk" cannot move.

His latest fascination is the laundry basket. Once I bring in a load from the dryer, I have discovered I can create a distraction from him "helping" me fold the contents if I simply turn the basket upside down. It then becomes the epitome of excitement for our little ankle-biter as he does his pensioner-shuffle pushing it round the front room.

All this movement and activity points to one thing for the coming night (I hope)...SLEEP.

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