Saturday, 27 November 2010

Y3 - 58/365: Worth A Thousand Words

Several things could be said about this photo. When I look at it myself, I wonder what story I should tell...

Do I tell about why there's a big bruise in the middle of his forehead?

I could go there. It wasn't on him last night which only means that it happened today. So that raises the question, how did I, his mother, miss that he had a bruise in the middle of his forehead? Well, that's easy...when doesn't he have a bruise somewhere on his face. This boy takes quite a few tumbles in the course of a day and it's hard to say if that particular bruise is the result of a floor, a wall, a door or the wooden bit on the sofa...heck, it could have been my knee.

I don't get HOW he gets bruised as nearly the entire front room is covered in flipping pillows! But somehow he manages.

Such is the life of a toddling child.

Do I tell about why he isn't wearing a bib despite eating a messy pasta dish?

For any other child this may not be an issue, but Ryan has a bit of a fetish for feeling his food. Even though Daddy places the bite INSIDE his mouth, Ryan's fingers must chase in after it and get the full effect of the texture by using both his tongue AND fingers!

I don't think Matt anticipated he would then rub his fingers onto himself creating even more of a mess than was on his face.

He must have been going for the Oompa-Loompa look.

Do I tell about his begging habits?

He's worse than a dog or cat when it comes to begging. We walk into a room with food and he first follows us with his eyes before waddling over. We get a gentle touch on our knee whilst he looks up at us with his little eyes and makes a smacking sound with his lips.

Anyone would think we don't feed the boy!

In this photo you can clearly see that DADDY CAVED. Lucky for Ryan that he is his only heir because I don't recall Matt being so willing to give up a tasty mushroom for anybody before.

Even when Matt is down to the dregs of his pasta bake, Ryan still expects a payout.

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