Saturday, 20 November 2010

Y3 - 51/365: Early to Bed...

We've been EVERYWHERE today...or rather, a whole slew of places since 11am that have made it seem like a lot.

First was Merry Hill as we were on the hunt for some properly fitting PJs for Little Man. He was really pushing it in his remaining 3-6 monthers as they topped out at an 17/18 lb weight limit and Ryan is now pushing 20 -- not to mention he is finally stretching out a bit as well. Asda had a bit of a crap selection (as ALWAYS for boys) and I wasn't keen on the regular sleep suits from Matalan, so we ventured into the 'toddler' section and found some proper 2-piece PJs. After all, he is growing up ::tear:: and footless PJs will make it easier now that he's properly walking.

After the mall, we then went on to Josie & David's so Ryan could get his Nan & Grandad fix. Matt and I were able to get a peek at his Christmas pressies and it makes me SO excited for him that this will be his first proper Christmas!

Em & Daz came to us then tonight with Amy which was a nice change of pace since we had been out all morning and we knew Ryan would be knackered. Luckily he napped before they arrived and was then well-rested to enjoy a play with his cousin before devouring a portion of pasta mess.

When everyone left around six, we took some time to wind-down in the front room with CBeebies Bedtime Hour and Daddy even managed a brief cuddle off Ryan as well.

After his bath, I so badly wanted to get a photo of Ryan in his new "big boy" jim-jams but he wasn't having it. Each time I'd set him down and step back to take a photo, he'd immediately start whinging and run/stumble after me. So, I figured it was probably best to nurse him and take him up to bed.

He wriggled a bit once he was in his cot, but Scout's 10 minutes of bedtime music and the soothing sounds of his sleep sheep (to mask the dripping sound from the overflow tank in his ceiling) soon had him in dreamland.

When I returned downstairs from putting him to bed, I glanced at the clock and nearly fell over from the shock of seeing the time...

It was ONLY 7:15! Nearly an HOUR before he usually goes down!! (Let's hope this doesn't backfire on me tonight.)


Brianna said...

Cute PJs! Griffin went to be an hour earlier than usual tonight too. Full moon or something?!

Meg said...

Must be...although it's 2 am here now and I can hear him in a moany, half-awake state. I'm praying he doesn't wake up fully.