Sunday, 7 November 2010

Y3 - 38/365: Gente Feliz

We had our usual Sunday dinner at Em & Daz's today, but this time we also had an additional two guests at the dinner table. My wonderful in-laws, Josie & David, just returned from their holiday in Spain and look what they brought back for the kiddies!! Personal TVs! (I remember having these at my Nan's as a kid.)

All the "big" kids were brought some bags of nougat...and I had to share with dear husband they said. Boo, hiss. (Only kidding.)

This is how Ryan was by the time we arrived home at half past seven! He was in bed even before 8 o'clock!!

Sadly, fireworks were still going off nearby and he was awake again by half-nine...

So we let him have a little run around the front room (almost quite literally) and then a snuggle with Daddy before Mommy fed him again and took him back up.

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