Friday, 12 November 2010

Y3 - 43/365: Oh Happy Day

What else is there to say? I just have one happy kid. Well, happy when we have a decent day like today. He had a 2 1/2 hour nap this morning and then a brief 45-minute nap this afternoon on our way back from scoping out where the local Sure Start centre is. Ryan's 12-month development check is on Monday and the Health Visitor called to confirm we'd be coming. When she explained where the centre was located, she added that it was "quite a ways away," which turned out to be exactly ONE mile.


Although I will admit there is a small bit on the way where the pavement ends that makes you cross one of the roads at a weird angle, so on the return trip I discovered that I could just cut through the car park at The Cock Inn Pub and cross at a pelican crossing with the help of a friendly lollipop lady (crossing guard).

Since it is only a mile away, it also means it will only take me just under 20 minutes to get there, so even if it rains, it won't be an awful trip -- if only I could avoid those hills.

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