Sunday, 21 November 2010

Y3 - 52/365: Shh...It's a Surprise!

I must say, two of the BEST bits about doing a bit of Christmas shopping with a child this age is that you a) can take your little one WITH you while you shop (because they won't remember), and b) you can "try" before you buy if the place has things on display.

First, I should say how elated Ryan was to walk on his own around the toy section of Mothercare. Of course, Matt and I were close behind to make sure he didn't run into people or get into something he shouldn't. He seemed to be so over-stimulated by all the things around him it was a joy to watch! He'd walk in one direction, play with an activity table, then something else would catch his eye and he would walk in that direction only to change his mind halfway there and walk in the opposite direction. He couldn't be stopped! Plus, there were all the other babies and small children walking about which made him squawk like a parrot -- he was in absolute heaven!

We're having to be sensible this year so we have a small list of things we'd like to get him for Christmas and a list of things for his first birthday (conveniently 6 days before Christmas). We settled today on a Leap Frog Learn & Groove Musical Table which was marked down to £23.99. I'd like to also get him a sand & water table for his birthday, but then other than that, those will be the most expensive items on our lists.

I can't wait to see our little man opening his pressies under the tree for the first time!!

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