Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Day 91 of 365: Baby, It's Cold Outside

I've been drinking loads of coffee lately. Don't let the picture confuse you...they're not both mine...one is for Matt and I made him wait to drink it so I could take the photo. (Such a patient lovey.) I never even liked coffee until I met Matt. He says that's probably because no one was making it correctly. My coffee always tastes extra good when he makes it -- then again, lots of stuff tastes better when he does it. Hmm.

The temperature has really dropped over the past week. It's 19F at the moment and the best way I can think to describe the air outside is "pinchy." It literally feels pinchy on your skin. Like little needles. I'm not that bothered now that I have some cozy new jumpers and fuzzy socks to keep me warm, along with my winter coat, of course.

It looks like we will be at Tony & Emma's tomorrow night for New Year's Eve celebrating with Em & Daz...so very much looking forward to that. I can't believe 2008 is about to come to an end -- it's been a busy one. I have a really good feeling about 2009 though. I'm so pumped!!


Brianne said...

I always tell Bryan that things taste better when he makes them, when I am too lazy to do it myself. He is quite the cook though.

UK Christine =^..^= said...

Andy does not drink anything hot so I can never get him to make my tea or coffee... He never wants any himself so I can't add 'hey make me one also'. lol

I found out today from Andy that if you guys have Scene It that we can play online against each other sometime.. we might have to try that at some point. :)

UK Christine =^..^= said...

Oh.. and it is rather 'pinchy' up here also! We went out shopping in Bolton today and Andy forgot his gloves at home... VERY cold!