Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Day 70 of 365: New Jeans!!

They were purchased tonight at New Look for only £10! I've been wearing out my favourite pair from Maurice's in the US and was in desperate need of a new "nice" pair that wasn't frayed at the bottom. The best part is...they're a size 16!! One size down from what I was wearing previously. I can't wait to get into a 14. I'm hoping it's realistic to think I can by next spring -- as long as I can keep up healthy habits.

I tried on about 5-6 pair of jeans tonight, but all within the one store...so I think that was good of me. Each time I would come out of the dressing room and ask Matt what he thought he would say "they look okay" or "they're JUST jeans!" The fitting room attendant seemed to understand my frustration when she heard me sigh. I really don't think men fully understand the strategy that goes into finding a nice fitting/nice looking pair of jeans. The pockets have to be just the right size and spacing from the center seam so as not to make your bum look the size of Texas. Also, the grain of the denim can either make your leg look slimmer or more tree-trunk-like (at least if you're me and built like a garden gnome). But seriously, most men don't understand this...so they have little patience. **EDIT: To be fair, I was in the fitting room for the better part of 30 minutes on the first round trying to see which pair looked the best. So I'm sure his brain was dripping from his skull by then, and I should be lucky he didn't skulk around eyeing women while I was changing. He is a good man.

Once I purchased my new pair of jeans, with 21p VAT deducted (WOO HOO!) we left New Look and headed to Sainsbury's to get something for tea. Matt shares a brilliant idea with me along the way. He points out how some stores have areas where your children can be looked after while you shop. I nod that I am familiar. He then says he thinks they should have a similar holding area for blokes where their wives/girlfriends can drop them off to have a pint and play Xbox or watch football, and then come back with a ticket to claim them when their shopping is complete. I later added that perhaps even a handheld monitor where the women can buzz the men once they're trying clothes on and a video of them appears on the screen for the man to select a simple "YES" or "NO" as to whether or not the outfit or clothing looks nice. Then Matt adds that the screen should then have the capability to pick up Sky.

Either way...I think he's on to something.


BGC said...

I concur, its just a pair of jeans. Cut the boy some slack!

Elynor said...

Dying laughing here! (I desperately need some new jeans myself, and I am SO dreading it...)