Thursday, 25 December 2008

Day 86 of 365: I Love Christmas!

There are SO many things about Christmas that I love. Being around people I care about and who care about me, to start. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get back to the States this year for I haven't been able to spend it with my family in Ohio -- but I love you all and miss you loads!!

I was fortunate to have Matt's family to spend the holiday with this year, however. Let me just say that it was so nice to spend time with people...

...eating a delicious meal...

(with dessert)

...and carrying on Christmas traditions -- like wearing the foil Christmas crown from your party popper. Love it!!

Plus, it's also nice to have a Christmas where people all sit in the same room, having good conversation, and watch one another open presents. I really loved and enjoyed the company I was with this Christmas.

But...the biggest thing I loved about Christmas (this year in particular) was being in his arms!

It's nice to be together -- where we belong.

Merry Christmas to all!!!


UK Christine =^..^= said...

yummy... Roast potatoes! Gotta love em! :)

Glad you had a great day, we had a lovely meal with Andy's parents and I spent about 2+ hours on the phone to my Mom and my grandparents. Nice well rounded day! :) Oh and I made some brownies.. Today (26th) is the day I am making my own Christmas meal.. bring on more food! lol

Meg said...

I think I've gained 5 lbs. easily this week!

Helen said...

Your paper crown comes from a cracker, not a popper! A party popper is something else - you pull the string and it smells lovely and paper streamers burst out of the end!