Sunday, 7 December 2008

Day 68 of 365: Cinnamon Stars

Emma has passed these along to Matt, so I (having unspoken, spousal tasty treat privilege) decided to partake in their yummy deliciousness. The only problem is they're about 2.5-3 points a biscuit...but they're SOOO tasty!

While Matt was reading the back he noticed it said they were made in Germany. He had the pretty humorous theory that the Germans intentionally made them fattening and then sent them off to Britain so the English would turn into fat bastards...eventually making them too lazy to fight the next time they decided to play "war." This put us in stitches laughing about it.

Now as I type this, Matt is worrying that someone will think he is anti-German or rest assured, it's a joke...not to be taken seriously.

Still funny though.


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Callie said...

Spousal tasty treat privileges! I am totally using that.

Also, "Don't mention the war!"