Saturday, 13 December 2008

Day 74 of 365: Learning...The Hard Way

Myst has a phobia with completely sealed-off rooms. We typically keep the door to the front room shut to keep the heat in since the rest of the flat is cold -- so Myst obviously is not a fan. All morning he was looking for any possible way to annoy us and as much as we don't like to shout at him, he was doing our heads in. First he was in the bin...then onto the coffee table to chew on a stack of papers...then he tried to go behind the TV, which he knows is a HUGE "no-no" as he recently managed to knock the surround sound speaker off the top. This carried on over and over despite being told off.

At one point, I turn to Matt and throw one of my socks at him. I suggest since Myst wants to play, that we have a little playtime. I expected my husband to be more mature and tell me no.

He didn't.

Therefore, Myst stopped being an annoyance, and started to be entertainment. Our stomachs were in knots from laughter.

I think he kinda liked it.

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