Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Day 71 of 365: Subtle vs. Overkill

Oh joy...the festive holiday season is upon us all! This also means many elaborate light displays and decorations in windows, plastic Santa dangling from chimneys, and front garden winter wonderland themes. I'm a HUGE fan of Christmas time and I love to see all the holiday spirit, but there is a significant difference between subtle and overkill. The photo above is one of many I have taken of nice, tasteful light displays. Although I am not a fan of blue lights on their own, it is color coordinated, neatly done and easy on the eyes. Very different from the next photo...

Bare in mind this is a combo three-house display and 90% of the lights in view are flashing. I'm unsure yet if this was a coordinated effort between neighbours, but SERIOUSLY?! Did they have to purchase EVERY flashing light display on sale?! Must have been the recent VAT discount. Not only that...did they have to display them all THIS YEAR?!

Christ on a cracker!! It's enough to cause an epileptic seizure!


Helen said...

I love the OTT Christmas lights!!

UK Christine =^..^= said...

That is SO funny!