Monday, 29 December 2008

Day 90 of 365: Taking It Easy

It's hard to top the blog from last I took it easy today. This is the bear Matt sent me back when I was in the States and we were 4500 miles apart with an entire ocean between us. It wasn't as nice as snuggling him in person, but it was comforting just the same and oh so soft!!

I'm missing my kitty girls a lot today. I get reports periodically from my dad who is in touch with the woman in North Carolina that is boarding them for me. Annie, my temperamental calico, eats a lot, apparently, and Sophie, my gray tabby just loves to be brushed. I wonder if they will hold resentment towards me for leaving them behind for 6 months. Stupid PETS scheme BS. Giving them up was not an option, so I'm just doing my best to wait it out until they can join us in the new year. I still felt awful having to leave them in August -- they both looked so hurt and betrayed when I walked away.

All being well, I will have them here with us by February or March. There's even a possibility that it would be cheaper for me to fly back to NC and bring them back myself rather than using the pet relocation agency, as previously planned. Fuel prices have dropped significantly which means flights will cost less, in addition to doing it during the winter months, which is non-peak season.

Until then, I will hope for the best and miss them loads until the rest of our furry family are home with us.


Brianne said...

Mr. Teddy is a cutie!

Again, good luck with the cats. I've left mine for a week before, I can't imagine it being MONTHS away from them. They will be so happy to see you!

Coffee and Vanilla said...

Wow, I got one like this as well, when I was separated with my boyfriend 10 years ago, now our daughter plays with it ;)

Happy New Year!