Saturday, 20 December 2008

Day 81 of 365: Lesson 1 - Cats Like Yarn

Tonight was my first lesson in knitting. As I am fresh out of sheep, many now know I have been on the hunt for some yarn to purchase so I could start knitting. I picked up a set of needles today from Aldi and rather than mooch all over the place looking for wool, I was able to use some that my lovely MIL, Josie, had so I could practice.

Em was out when we got to her house tonight, so while Matt & Daz played Gundam, I began educating myself in all things knitting thanks to You Tube videos and Google. I am finally able to 'cast on' but from there it gets a bit messy and I still need some work.

Emma got home around half-eleven and she joined me on the floor to begin her own piece. During this time, Sweep decided it was a good opportunity to play in the bag of yarn. He looked like such a goof that I couldn't resist a picture.


Helen said...

YouTube has been great for me, too! My favourite is theknitwitch. She's so good!

Brianne said...

Hi Meg! You don't know me, but I'm sure you know OF me. I'm Goob's girlfriend, and I've been reading your blog since the beginning, and I can't help but feel like I'm stalking you, so I've come to introduce myself. I look forward to reading each morning!

Meg said...

Hey Brie...I only just saw your comment. BGC is trying to lay on the guilt trip and it's not working, hehe. I'm an open book though, so it's not stalking if I'm the one putting it out there to be read. Thanks for the comment though. xx