Sunday, 21 December 2008

Day 82 of 365: Look What I Can Do!

It's not a scarf or poncho yet, but I'm getting a bit more comfortable making the stitches. Now I just need to work on keeping my tongue in my mouth while I do it. At the moment, I like to believe that it's helping me balance.

These are the different needles that came in the set. I was pulled in by the attractive selection of colours. I don't know all the abbreviations yet to follow any patterns -- it's all gibberish to me now. Lucky for me, I have a wide-open week to practice.

Watch me work!!


Helen said...

It looks good so far, Meg!

Meg said...

Thanks. :-P

annie kim said...

meg!!! keep at it and if one day i visit england i'll teach you more stitches :) i loveeeeee knitting/crochet