Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Day 78 of 365: Game Rage

This has been my recent source of frustration and sore thumbs. An old Xbox game called Blinx. It's the only one out of Matt's collection that I am remotely interested in and that doesn't involve grenades and blood. I'm actually probably interested in it because of all the pretty colours and the main character is a cute kitty cat.

The overall object of the game is pretty elementary -- "kill" the bad guys (by shooting trash at them that you have previously collected in your sweeper) and reach the finish within 10 minutes, finding as much gold and secret medals along the way as you can. Each level has three stages, followed by a final stage where you face "The Boss."

Through playing this game I have discovered that I can be in "game mode" as much as Matt can when he plays his. Also, when I run out of time or get killed, I'm quite vocal. I've managed to get as far as the second level of "The Forgotten City" and after about 15-20 attempts and a brief intermission for my internet fix (while Matt popped to the shop for milk and Uncle Ben's rice), I was forced to throw in the towel -- er, controller for the night before I wound up breaking something.

I need a new hobby.

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UK Christine =^..^= said...

Love this! I am the same way but there are quite a few more games that I try on the 360 but my latest is the new Pirates of the Caribbean game.. I get SO frustrated when I can't get past a part. *ugh*

What is Matt's gamertag on the 360? Send it to me in an MSN Message and tonight I'll have Andy add him. They probably have a lot of the same games. Does Matt get online with his?