Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Day 84 of 365: Laundry Day!

Awe...look at me...being all housewifey and doing the washing. The truth is, we've let it pile up and I'm out of clean socks. I did also unload the dishwasher and start a new cycle. No medals or gold stars for my achievement chart, thanks...just doing my part.

*cheesy grin*

If you notice there on the dial it says 120 at the top...as in MINUTES. Isn't that crazy...TWO HOURS to dry a load of laundry?! Even then, they won't dry in one go in this sucker. It usually takes two rounds of 120 minutes. So, yeah...roughly FOUR FRIGGIN HOURS!! To think I used to get pissy back in the States when I had to pop an extra quarter in the machine when it wouldn't do my drying in the initial 45-minute allotment! This is clearly why laundry for me here takes all day (maybe even several days) to complete. Even if the wash load is finished in 30-45 minutes...we still have to wait until the ones in the dryer are good to go before you can take them out to fold. OH! And get this...there is a condenser which means you have to empty a little tub of water each 120-minute cycle or else your clothes won't dry completely. It's great fun!!


As many things as I love about England...our current dryer is not exactly one of them. While I appreciate we are fortunate enough to have one, I just wish it was a little more efficient. I can't be the only one who feels this way.


Susan said...

the dryers here are pretty craptastic from what I recall. we don't have one, and just hang the clothes around the house. I know it is a bit of extra work, but maybe you should try that - it is kind of a waste of energy to dry something for four hours when it could dry overnight in the air. :) just sayin. and happy christmas!

UK Christine =^..^= said...

We have a Washer Dryer... so it washes the clothes and then drains all of the water and then starts the drying cycle from the same machine.

It is also a condenser but because the hose in the back for the washer part is hooked up it just pushes the water out of that so we do not have to keep dumping out the little tub. However I do like the condenser dryers as they do not have to be up against a certain part of the wall as there is no dryer outlet you can put it anywhere.. that is handy! :)

Meg said...

UPDATE: The load I put in last night when writing this post ended up taking SIX lovely hours to dry. Also, we have the washer/dryer combo as well, but it uses so much electric, we just use the other dryer.

We would hang our clothes to dry around the flat...but we've got no where to hang them...it's a bit cramped in here as it is, hehe. Also, it's colder than the arctic in here so they'd probably turn to ice and break. :-P

Elynor said...

Heh. Takes three days for my clothes to dry. And the washer takes about two hours per load. Count your blessings! ;)